The following are transcribed word gifts from the CRS Boston 2017 Fall Conference, September 8 and 9 at Betania II in Medway, Massachusetts. These were received in the general sessions and English language track sessions.

1. 9/9/2017

My people, I see you, I know you, You are mine.

Stay within the knowledge of who I AM in You!

Trust me always my people, It is necessary for you to stay settled in me.

Daily I call you to pray my children.

Come into a strong relationship with me, the Father. I AM with you to take you to a place of hope in me.

Trust me my people - I hold you to a place of hope in me.


2. Listen Carefully to My Word today my beloved people. Heed and obey What you hear this day. For My Word will bring you freedom and Strength for the journey ahead. Be assured I am with you pouring my great mercy and love – so that you may share it with the weary and sinful world that you live in.


3. Beloved – I have called you together – made in my image to be who I have created you to be. – But for many that is a distant call lost in the living of life –often a life not created by me –but all that would lead you away from my plan & into a darkness that does not allow my light & life to shine through you & give me glory

Today I seek a new commitment to personal perseverance –a deeper surrender – I call you to be fire –Fire not smoke –FIRE –The fire of the Holy Spirit – A fire that burns all away that is not of me. A fire that reveals my glory – my love – my power –my call  so many will be heard & drawn to me & live

My demands are simple – but they often require profound interior change -Repent of all that separates you from me and you from each other. Burn with a love & fire that is my call to each of you. Burn with the fire of who I say you are and others will see & know me – because of your faithfulness to my call.

Have  courage. I am counting on you. Peace.


4. Do you want to know what I want? Spend time with ME. Spend a lot of time with ME in prayer, in listening and MY written word and you will know.



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