Update, good news, and thanks on behalf of Baby Gabriel!

To the many participants of 40 Days for Life/Boston who have been praying for Baby Gabriel in England, here is some very good news!  Baby Gabriel was born with spina bifida and congenital hip problems.  The update is from his uncle, Lewis, who has been a powerful advocate for prayer for little Gabriel.
Dear Friends,
I hope so very much that you are doing well! Once again, from the bottom of the hearts of all of my family, thank you just so much for your continued prayers for Gabriel! He is really a living miracle!!!!! We have some very exciting news of God's healing and presence!!! 
Regarding Gabriel's hips, there is an absolute miracle. It is still early days, but wow!
The main orthopaedic surgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London thought that both of Gabriel's hips were disclosed, and if not both, definitely one. He also said that surgery was not an option as the hip sockets were very shallow and would not hold the leg joint in place.
Recently, they saw Gabriel and were puzzled because an x-ray had been taken, and the x-ray revealed that there are hip sockets! So the day after he had a more detailed scan and not only had the hip sockets appeared, the bone was in the right place!!! For one hip, it is as healthy and well as any other baby will full movement, and his other hip has about 80% movement around the hip socket!! This is likely to mean Gabriel will not need surgery on his hips! Praise the Lord!!! It is 80% because the hip joint at this point is a little shallower, so if you could pray for this and that it will fully grow and heal in Jesus' Name, that would be amazing! There is nothing in the natural that can fully explain what has happened! We know it is the generous and loving hand of God!!
Gabriel's name means God is our strength. Alleluia!
Please also continue to cover Gabriel in prayers for everything with the operation he had and the healing that has taken place.
We are all so excited for Gabriel's baptism which will be on 16th June in London!
Rita, thank you just so much for your continued prayers and messages, they mean so much. I find that so often we underestimate the power of prayer, but it really can move the mountains!!! And Gabriel is a living testament to it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
May God bless you super abundantly, this day and always!

United for life,


Rita Russo

Campaign Director

40 Days for Life Boston



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