Dear Friends for Life,

On Saturday, March 30th, MCFL is holding a rally in front of the State House at 1 pm to oppose the ROE Act.  Go to to sign their petition and download their digital toolkit to get involved.    

(They are really here this time!)

We had a wonderful event on Sunday.  Thank you all to those who came and thank you to all those who signed on to our email list.  We hope to see you again soon!

This will be short.  Join us for our Kick-Off Wednesday at 3 pm on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood, 1055 Commonwealth Ave.  Let’s show the world a little snow will not dissuade us!

There is so much going on, this campaign is flying by!  Today  was day 15, and 115 babies have been confirmed saved so far!  We have had wonderful events that were well-attended, inspiring, and uplifting.   I can truly feel the energy.  This, our 13th campaign, is surely the best campaign so far.  More people are signing on and more people are coming out to pray and give witness on the sidewalk.  I would speculate that the abortion extremism spreading across the country has a lot to do with it.  Even many abortion supporters do not agree with abortion through all nine months and even infanticide.   The Roe Act is coming to Massachusetts.  This would be even worse than the New York law.   We will need a tremendous outpouring of good people opposing it to defeat it.  Make sure it is on your radar.   MCFL, Massachusetts Family Institute, and RenewMA Coalition will all keep you posted and tell you how to oppose this law.  Be sure to let your legislators know you oppose it.

On Saturday, March 27, MCFL is holding a rally in front of the State House at 1 pm to oppose the ROE Act.  Go to to sign their petition and download their digital toolkit to get involved.  David Frank’s detailed analysis and the list of legislators who are co-sponsoring this horrific bill are also attached.

We had a wonderful Visitation by the travelling image of Our Lady of America last weekend.  All vigil hours were filled.  It was a special and faith-filled time for all.  Thank you to each and every one of you who helped make it such a great success. 

Coming up:

Thursday, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Day. We are being asked to wear bright colored socks and other clothing to mark the day.   An estimated 67 to 85 % of these babies are aborted in the US.  These children are fountains of pure love in a world that is experiencing a tremendous shortage of love.

Praise and Worship with Pastor Don Bryant and Pastor Brian Watson tomorrow night (Thursday) at 6pm.  Come and join us!  You will be educated and inspired.  The rain is not due to begin until 11 pm.

Friday night Candlelight Vigil at 7 pm will be led by Fr. Jack Harrington, with Stations of the Cross and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Saturday morning Spanish Vigil at 10:30 am will be led by our Boston Franciscans.

Sunday afternoon Family Vigil at 2 pm will be led by Bishop Robert Reed!  Do come and join us. 

Monday is Day 20, the official midpoint of this campaign!

We need coverage 7 am to 7 pm every day.  Come help us keep the momentum going!

Pictures of our billboards this campaign are attached.  Drive by and see them!

God bless you!  Come on down to the sidewalk when you can!

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday and then on the sidewalk!

God bless you.

United for Life,

Rita Russo


Campaign Director

40 Days for Life Boston


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