The Vision Of Peace prayer group, which meets at Holliston's Fatima shrine, recently pesented a Life In The Spirit Seminar. This was an opportunity for evangelization during the last four weeks of Lent.IMG_6171a.jpg

Thirty-three candidates attended the seminar which is designed to help them grow closer to Jesus and open themselves to the power of the Holy Spirit.  For most this was a new awakening to the amazing fire and power of the Holy Spirit.  Several people attending had received the baptism in the Holy Spirit years ago and came to renew the Spirit's movement in their lives.

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Holy Spirit Institute of Boston (HSIB), one of CRS Boston's 3 schools of formation, was formed

in response to calls from Pope Saint John Paul, Pope Benedict and America's bishops for

ecclesial maturity. HSIB and its courses were developed by the Charismatic Renewal Office of

the Archdiocese of Boston and were established to be a pathway to spiritual maturity in the

charismatic life.

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