Boston's Catholic Charismatic prayer groups celebrated 50 years of renewal in the Holy Spirit on September 8 and 9, 2017.50Years

They gathered at the Betania II Retreat Center in Medway, Massachusetts for a multicultural conference with English, Spanish, and Portuguese language tracks and joint sessions for all.  The track teachers featured Peter Herbeck from EWTN and Renewal ministries, Padre John Mario Montoya from Columbia, and Padre Gleuson Gomes from Brazil.  Bishop Sosthène Léopold Bayemi Matjei of Obala, Cameroon presided at the opening and closing Masses.

A video featuring snapshots of images and music from the conference can be viewed on YouTube at

The Pilot article by Mark Labbe describing the conference can be viewed at

During the opening Mass Janice Filippi, Director of Chrismatic Renewal Services for the Archdioces of Boston (CRS Boston), welcomed everyone. She then introduced the members of CRS Boston's ethnic leadership teams and thanked them for their service of building the grace of Pentecost in their communities.

Clergy attending the conference included:
Father Michael McNamara
Father Albert McPherson AA
Father Vincent Agutamba from Uganda
Father Miguel Consalves  El es chego Rio DeJanero
Father John Mario Montoya from Columbia
Father Gleuson Gomes from Brazil
Father Gerry Osterman
Father Jean from Cameroon 
Father Marcel Uwineza from Rwanda 
Deacon Alvaro Soares
Deacon Thomas from the first class of deacons in the Archdiocese of Boston
Deacon Edwardo Maura

Father Robert Carr gave the opening Mass homily.

A short video of Peter Herbeck describing the Church's renewed focus on the charismatic dimension of faith can be viewed on YouTube at

In his second talk Peter described the challenging envrironment the Church faces in the world. Yet this is the authentic call that leads us to the glory Christ won for us. Short clips from this talk can be viewed at

Peter Hervbeck's third talk about our call to Mission is summarized at

Highlights from Bishop Sosthene's talk can be viewed at


Word gifts from the conference can be read on this Blog:

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The following are transcribed word gifts from the CRS Boston 2017 Fall Conference, September 8 and 9 at Betania II in Medway, Massachusetts. These were received in the general sessions and English language track sessions.

1. 9/9/2017

My people, I see you, I know you, You are mine.

Stay within the knowledge of who I AM in You!

Trust me always my people, It is necessary for you to stay settled in me.

Daily I call you to pray my children.

Come into a strong relationship with me, the Father. I AM with you to take you to a place of hope in me.

Trust me my people - I hold you to a place of hope in me.


2. Listen Carefully to My Word today my beloved people. Heed and obey What you hear this day. For My Word will bring you freedom and Strength for the journey ahead. Be assured I am with you pouring my great mercy and love – so that you may share it with the weary and sinful world that you live in.


3. Beloved – I have called you together – made in my image to be who I have created you to be. – But for many that is a distant call lost in the living of life –often a life not created by me –but all that would lead you away from my plan & into a darkness that does not allow my light & life to shine through you & give me glory

Today I seek a new commitment to personal perseverance –a deeper surrender – I call you to be fire –Fire not smoke –FIRE –The fire of the Holy Spirit – A fire that burns all away that is not of me. A fire that reveals my glory – my love – my power –my call  so many will be heard & drawn to me & live

My demands are simple – but they often require profound interior change -Repent of all that separates you from me and you from each other. Burn with a love & fire that is my call to each of you. Burn with the fire of who I say you are and others will see & know me – because of your faithfulness to my call.

Have  courage. I am counting on you. Peace.


4. Do you want to know what I want? Spend time with ME. Spend a lot of time with ME in prayer, in listening and MY written word and you will know.



Dave Brooks provided the following report on the CRS Boston pilgrimage to celebrate the golden anniversary of Catholic Charismatic renewal.

As you know, the pope extended the invitation to join him for Pentecost 3 years ago, as the Great Jubilee was approaching.  So, of course, I said YES!!!  16 of us pilgrims left on Memorial Day, May 29, and returned on June 7.  There were 4 Anglos, and 12 Brazilians - Anglos were myself, Vin and Cheryl, and Jeannine Beaudoin.    Pacceli Braga led the tour. 

For me, the two key days were June 2 and 3.  On June 2 about 350,000 charismatics met at the Circus Maximus, where the chariot races used to occur, for a gathering, featuring, in English, a program put on by the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS), featuring Michelle Moran and some of the participants of the Duquesne University experience, including Tom Mangan and Patti Mansfield.   Then we were treated to a video about the Renewal, and Mass followed. 

The next day was the highlight for me, when the pope appeared at the Pentecost Vigil prayer service at the Circus Maximus around 5:30 pm with half a million charismatics in attendance.  Just after he spoke, the half a million people spoke and sang in tongues, as the pope has his hands outstretched on the stage where he was standing, receiving what we had to to offer.  That whole day was like "Catholic Charismatic Woodstock!!!" That's why I went, to support the pope and to celebrate Pentcost with him and the other pilgrims.  

We will continue the celebration in July at Pittsburgh.  The Pentecost Mass in St. Peter's Square was anticlimactic for me.  The Mass lasted 2 and one-half hours, and we had to stand in the broiling sun, eventually seeking out shelter out of the sun.

So, that's it!  Good to be back home.  Also visited Assisi, Cascia, and San Giovanni Rotundo.  See you soon!  



Vin Ceaasuolo sent photos of the huge crowd gathered in Circus Maximus.

Diane and Earl Martin shared photos as they and another Boston area couple attended Pentecost in Rome and a Holy Land Pilgrimage with Father Sean Sheridan TOR, President of  Franciscan University of Steubenville



 crowd at circus

Charismatic Catholics Praise God in Rome's Circus Maximus''

michelle pope patti

Michelle Moran, Head of ICCRS, Pope Francis, an Patty Mansfield lead praise at the Circus Maximus Pentecost Vigil




In the Fall of 2012 Charismatic Renewal Services of the Boston Archdiocese initiated a formal training program called The Holy Spirit Institute. Since then seven courses have been offered on Saturday mornings in the Fall or Spring.

The courses offered to date are:

  • Keeping the Fire Growing In Leadership
  • Keeping the Fire Growing in Prayer Meetings
  • Baptized in the Spirit - the Call to Battl
  • Promoting Gifts of the Spirit
  • Living a Spirit-led Life in Today's Culture
  • All Depends on Prayer
  • Fire in the Church

People who had attended courses were asked to fill out an evaluation survey and attend a review meeting at the Pastoral Center on May 6, 2017. The results of the evaluation that were given to the people attending this review included a numerical scoring. All specific comments by people made on the survey were handed out for review.

The preponderance of ratings for all courses was Excellent. The review group offered many suggestions and examples of how courses had effected them personally or their prayer groups. Members of the HSIB team explained their motivations and hopes in the way that material had been presented.

In conclusion the team shared  some of their thinking on other ways the HSIB might approach future courses. Also they are pondering expanding the scope of course subjects beyond Charismatic topics, for example, how to support Church ministries, outreach, and evangelization.



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