Jean from the Vision of Peace prayer group emailed, "I am still on cloud nine from Saturday!".

She was referring to the CRS Boston Lenten Day of Recollection  held March 3, 2018 at the Betania II Retreat Center in Medway.

The theme for the day was "You are called to be fire, to burn for love of me."  Close to 30 attendees from 5 prayer groups participated.  The day began with a light breakfast.  Praise and worship was led by Vin Cerasuolo, Cheryl Cerasuolo, and Chris Muise.  Chris followed with a witness/reflection talk on "lighting the fire," sharing how the Spirit had transformed her life from darkness into light.  

There was a time of personal reflection on the "fire" in our own lives, followed by sharing in groups of 3 about how we were witnessing that "fire"  to others about God's love.  After lunch we spent time in the Adoration Chapel, and then the whole group shared what the Lord was saying to us as a body.  

Romanus Ajaero and Nancy Marraffino led us in a time of individual blessings, empowerment, and sending forth in the main oratory, and we were blest with the presence of Fr. Mike McNamara who presided at our closing liturgy.  

We finished the day with a shout-out to the Lord!  It was a wonderful day dedicated to the Lord.

Here are some photos of the day.


The following are some of the word gifts from the day. 

Where is the fire?

Deep within, placed there before I was born.  It won’t be smothered.  It won’t go away.  It has a life of its own and finds a crack and breaks forth.  It can be denied but not for long.  God breaths and the flames come forth. 

                  I can run but I cannot hide.  The fire of love pursues and captures me over and over.  HIS love is relentless.  Nothing can stop it.  The fire of HIS love keeps burning.  It burns away my sin.  The fire burns and consumes all that is dross, leaving only pure silver, pure gold.  (I’m not quite there yet).  Letting the breath of God stoke the coals, the embers, the breath of God fans the flames giving light and heat.

                  To give light must be an act of the Holy Spirit.  I can’t do it on my own.  I am too weak and fearful.  I am also too lazy.  It takes an act of the Holy Spirit to get me up and moving.  Only the Spirit gives me the courage to do what Jesus wants me to do.

                  A number of years ago when my son was a small child, my wife and I went to a restaurant called the Magic Pan upstairs at Faneuil Hall for dinner.  At a nearby table a young couple was also having dinner.  The man turned to me as said “What do you think of Jesus?”   I could hear a little voice in my head saying “Don’t deny me now.”  So I said, “He’s wonderful.  The man replied, “I knew that you are one of us.”  It was then I realized that God gives us the ability to recognize our brothers and sisters in the Lord.  I believe that soon we will need that gift in the days to come

March 3, 2018

                  MY love is a consuming fire.  The fire of MY love is heaven for those who love ME.  The fire of MY love is a torment to those who do not love.  Come to MY fire.  Let MY fire cleanse you, heal you, and make you totally MINE.

                  Most of what you have I have given to you. Your talents, your wealth, and your lives have been given to you.  Today I ask for that which is truly yours.  Repent and give to ME your sins, all of them.  Bring them as an offering to the foot of MY cross.  Bring them and leave them there.  Then I give to you that which is truly MINE.  I give to you all, all, all of MY love.


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