Holy Spirit Institute of Boston (HSIB), one of CRS Boston's 3 schools of formation, was formed

in response to calls from Pope Saint John Paul, Pope Benedict and America's bishops for

ecclesial maturity. HSIB and its courses were developed by the Charismatic Renewal Office of

the Archdiocese of Boston and were established to be a pathway to spiritual maturity in the

charismatic life.

This ministry is the result of continued and prayerful response to the guidance

of the Holy Spirit. Our vision is for leaders to disciple one another in the graces of the New

Pentecost so as to become mature and wise stewards of the charismatic gifts of the Spirit.

The HSIB team designs activities and lessons which are enriching, exciting and powerful. Each

class session combines short teacher-led instruction, interactive group activities and

collaborative learning experiences. All class members are active participants since all have

valuable ideas and experiences to share as well as thought-provoking questions to ask.

We have been blessed to offer our classes at the Pastoral Center of the Archdiocese of Boston

in Braintree every fall and spring for the past 4 years. Each course takes place on 6 Saturdays

from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Sessions begin with lively praise and worship, inviting the Lord to be

with us, followed by time given to listening to the Lord. In addition, each participant's needs are

lifted in prayer by a prayer partner.

Vin Cerasuolo, the HSIB lead instructor, is supported by a team from CRSBoston which

includes CRSBoston Council members Romanus Ajaero and David Brooks. During its first 4

years, the institute has offered 6 courses:

• Keeping the Fire Growing in Leadership

• Keeping the Fire Growing in the Prayer Meeting

• Baptized in the Spirit, The Call to Battle

• Promoting the Gifts of the Spirit

• Living a Spirit-led Life in Today's Culture

• All Depends on Prayer

As we look forward to our 5th year of formation training, Holy Spirit Institute of Boston continues

its commitment to prayerfully seek and respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we develop

courses that will challenge participants to deepen their knowledge and use of the gifts of the

Spirit for their own spiritual growth and for the building up of the Church.

HSIB invites anyone who is interested in having an ever-deepening personal relationship with

the Lord and has a desire to help others grow spiritually to join us in future courses. We

strongly believe that the Holy Spirit will pour out abundant blessings upon all who participate.

Submitted by

Ginny Rossini

HSIB Coordinator

April, 2016

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