In the Fall of 2012 Charismatic Renewal Services of the Boston Archdiocese initiated a formal training program called The Holy Spirit Institute. Since then seven courses have been offered on Saturday mornings in the Fall or Spring.

The courses offered to date are:

  • Keeping the Fire Growing In Leadership
  • Keeping the Fire Growing in Prayer Meetings
  • Baptized in the Spirit - the Call to Battl
  • Promoting Gifts of the Spirit
  • Living a Spirit-led Life in Today's Culture
  • All Depends on Prayer
  • Fire in the Church

People who had attended courses were asked to fill out an evaluation survey and attend a review meeting at the Pastoral Center on May 6, 2017. The results of the evaluation that were given to the people attending this review included a numerical scoring. All specific comments by people made on the survey were handed out for review.

The preponderance of ratings for all courses was Excellent. The review group offered many suggestions and examples of how courses had effected them personally or their prayer groups. Members of the HSIB team explained their motivations and hopes in the way that material had been presented.

In conclusion the team shared  some of their thinking on other ways the HSIB might approach future courses. Also they are pondering expanding the scope of course subjects beyond Charismatic topics, for example, how to support Church ministries, outreach, and evangelization.