1938a`You have lost the love you had at first" is the pleading urged upon Boston's Catholic charismatic people. Leaders from prayer groups in Norwood, Everett, Holliston, Boston, Roxbury, Chelmsford, Chestnut Hill,  and Malden gathered on March 4, 2017 to focus on how they can bring the renewed fire of faith and love of God to their prayer groups and to the wider Church.

The group gathered on a crisp March morning at Medway's Betania II retreat center. David Brooks hosted the day and CRS Boston director Janice Fillippi presented an overview of her outreach to Boaton's various ethnic and language prayer groups.

After gathering for fellowship over breakfast the group was led in sung praise by the Maranatha music ministry from Immaculate Conception parish in Everett. Romanus Ajaero from the Power of Prayer, Nigerian prayer group at St. Katherine Drexel parish in Boston gave the keynote talk.

He focused on the amazing conjunction of the jubilee years of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal's 50th anniversary , the Fatima apparitions 100th, and Protestant schism 500 years ago. He sited the Leviticus principle of giving everything back to God in a jubilee year. He challenged everyone to rekindle the passion for God they felt when they first were renewed in the Holy Spirit.

He explained the idea of Jubilee is to return ownership to its rightful owner. In our case, we are to give our hearts totally back to God and spread the good news of his salvation.

The group spent time in private and group reflection on this call.

Finally each person was prayed over, commissioning them to go forth and proclaim the Gospel to everyone. Father Michael McNamara presided at the closing Mass.


Prophetic Word from English speaking retreat on March 4, 2017, at Betania II

Amos 8:11

“See, days are coming-oracle of the Lord GOD-when I will send a famine upon the land: Not a hunger for bread, or a thirst for water, but for hearing the word of the LORD.”

Too many have filled their minds, hearts and lives with thoughts, ideas and things of this world. IAM no longer the center of your lives. No longer do you seek ME in the quiet places. You have become deaf to MY word and thus seldom hear ME.  MY prophets speak MY word sparingly because you no longer listen. Other words are spoken to you telling you what you want to hear.  Your ears are itchy.

Hear ME now! Go to the place of silence and listen. Go to the place of silence and repent of your unfaithfulness.  Go to the place of silence and return to your first love.  I created you to be with ME forever.  I have a place in heaven for each of you to live forever in the light of MY face.  I do not want you to be lost.  Return to ME

Beloved, I speak to you with great love-I desire to speak to you of hope and encouragement, to affirm you in my love and bring to mind the vision I have placed into your heart.  I desire to remind you of my promises to you and of my faithfulness.  I called you and gathered you---filling you with my spirit, The power of my love, my fire in the midst of darkness and perversion. Beloved, where is the fire? Where is the light? Where is the love we first shared, the willingness to place my will above your wants? You are called to be fire, to burn for love of me.  Are you burning my people? Can those who live in darkness find their way to me by your light? You worry about the wrong things. Do not worry about your sin; I can forgive your sins and make mercy abound in your life.  You worry about your weakness, but my strength is perfected in your weakness.  You worry about your ability, but I seek your availability.






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