0859Members from Boston's various ethnic prayer groups gathered on October 1, a rainy morning, for an outpouring of learning about the gift of healing.

Father John Capuci led the sessions at his parish, St. Malachy in Burlington. 

Father Capuci focussed on two areas important to healing: Praying in Tongus and Word of Knowledge.

Father offered the Biblical basis encouraging praying in tongues and explained the power of the Spirit it opens. He also explored the numerous ways that block us from the freedom this vocal open form of prayer. 


He then led us in a group prayer tongues exercise to open new-comers to the gift and to strengthen experienced people.

Everyone ejoyed a time of fellowship during lunch provided by the workshop.

We next moved to chapel to focus on the gift of Word Of Knowledge.

This gift  is a divine inspiration of knowing something a person could not naturally know. 

It is strictly for the healing and upbuilding of someone. 

We were admonished to always focus on Jesus, not a healing ministry.

And he cautioned about allowing pride of ministry prevent us being a window to Jesus love.

Several times when people asked about other aspects of healing ministry, Father said, "That is for another time". So we expect that future workshops will be scheduled soon. Please watch this web site, the CRS Boston news letter, and email notifications for information. 

Plan on attending CRS Boston functions to build up your spiritual life and that of your ministry and prayer group.


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